Activities of the Trust

The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust is an independent charity. Its aims today are very much the same as they were in 1995 with education at the heart of its activities. 

The Trust also has responsibility for the Fleet. The Hunters Fleet is the only original fleet of wooden yachts built in the 1930’s that is still together and operating from its original base. Although there are many yachts on the broads, many have been sold between the various boat yards many times. Today there are only 4 yards left on the Norfolk Broads that hire traditional yachts, and Hunters Yard is the only one that still has its original fleet from the 1930’s 

Youth sailing trips, a young child learns to quant supervised by an adult.
Youth Sailing dinghies on the Norfolk Broads.
children playing on a youth sailing scheme

At the yard based in Ludham on Womack Dyke, the Trust maintains its boat building ethos by utilizing the current boat sheds and facilities that have been at the heart of the yard since the early 1930’s. Along with a base for the entire Hunter’s Fleet during the winter months, it also provides shoreside facilities in the summer months for visitors, classrooms, admin facilities and a large mooring basin for the fleet during the sailing season.

The trust has a desire to develop more specialist training facilities where young apprentices can learn new skills in boat building and the values needed to gain future employment and also provide the yard with the skills needed to maintain and restore the fleet in future years.

It is envisaged that the new training facility for young people wishing to enter the marine industry would provide an environment where their skills are built and experience gained on actual restoration and other boatbuilding projects carried out in a proper working environment at Hunters and on the working fleet.

Hunter’s Yard can play a pivotal role in passing down these essential skills to the next generation and providing a unique environment with experienced boatbuilders on hand to guide and learn from.

Hunters Yard would like to develop a full Apprenticeship program with the aim of benefitting and developing the local area’s marine industry through training.

The program will aim to train apprentices to maintain, service, repair, build, restore and conserve traditional and historical sailing craft, professionally and with confidence.

As with any organization the role of the Directors and Trustees is to govern the Trust through a collective decision-making process.  

We ensure that we meet our charitable aims 

We ensure that the charity is compliant 

We ensure that we are accountable 

We act in the charity’s best interests 

We manage the limited resources responsibly

A dedicated team of volunteers (Trustees) look after the trust and ensure that Hunters continues to operate as a traditional yard and offer opportunities for youth, charity groups and schools as well as individuals. The Trustees are also responsible for ensuring we maintain the necessary boat building skills and resources to ensure the fleet is conserved, maintained and promoted.  In addition, the Trustees help with organising and running events, fund raising, grant applications and sitting as representatives on outside bodies.

NHFT is always on the lookout for suitable candidates that can help with the Trusts mission and long-term strategy 

Do you have experience as a Board Member or Trustee? 

Can you give a commitment to the organization and its aims? 

Do you have a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort? 

Can you work as part of a team? 

Do you like sailing or do you work with youth and/or other charity groups? 

If so, we would love to hear from you.