Donate to the Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust

The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust is a unique organisation in the UK, established to uphold the skills and traditions of the Yard and to encourage youth sailing through a bursary fund, which provides resources to subsidise youth groups sailing on the Fleet. The yachts under the care of the Trust are the only fleet from the 1930’s that are still all together and still based in their original sheds.

Since 1996, hundreds of young people have had the opportunity to sail for the first time and experience greater self-confidence and a new perspective on the world. 

We rely on donations to enable us to keep taking deserving young people sailing and to ensure that our yachts are maintained to the high standards required. There are a number of ways in which you can help.

Making a donation

You can donate via the Wonderful fundraising platform.  

This is an entirely free platform and receive all of the money donated. It is also easy to add Gift Aid to the Donation

You can also make donations by bank transfer; the account details are below.  Many of our volunteers and supporters provide monthly donations.

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